About Me

About Me

Hello, world!

My name is Jessica L. Colbert, and I’m the new Resident Librarian at the Marriott Library. It’s been a few weeks since I started work, and I’m finally starting to settle in. Now that I am almost done with training, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself.

Before living in the mountains of Utah, I grew up in a small mining town in Southern Illinois, where the population is 7000 on a good day. My ambitions were larger than the vast expanse of sky over miles and miles of wheat and corn, so I moved to Williamsburg, Virginia to attend the College of William & Mary. While I majored in English, I took classes in language, media, and even music. For two years, I played cello and ‘ud in a Middle Eastern Music Ensemble and worked for three years at the Music Library. But not all of my pursuits were so academic; for three years, I directed a shadowcast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and even starred as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. If you mention it around me, I’ll be quick to show you my prized Rocky Horror tattoo.

It was while I was working at the William & Mary Music Library that I realized I wanted to be a librarian, and so I moved back to Illinois to complete my MSLIS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I focused on cataloging and completed a thesis titled “Comparing Library of Congress Subject Headings to Keyword Searches Involving LGBT Topics: A Pilot Study.”

When I’m not at work, I am probably at home watching some weird art film or exploitation film and playing World of Warcraft.

I live in the Avenues with my bearded dragon Coop, named after FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. My partner is still in Illinois in grad school, but I hope to move her out to the mountains soon.

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